Spinach & Ham Quiche

Spinach & Ham Quiche might be just the hor d'oeuvre you are searching for. One serving contains 305 calories, 10g of pro

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Ratatouille With Brie

Ratatouille With Brie is a Mediterranean recipe that serves 4. One portion of this dish contains around 14g of protein,

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Savory Carrot Souffle

Savory Carrot Souffle is a hor d'oeuvre that serves 6. For 81 cents per serving, this recipe covers 14% of your daily re

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Tuna Nicoise Sandwich with Sandwich Thins®

If you have approximately 8 minutes to spend in the kitchen, Tuna Nicoise Sandwich with Sandwich Thins® might be a great

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Make Ahead Quiche

Make Ahead Quiche is a Mediterranean main course. This recipe makes 8 servings with 311 calories, 14g of protein, and 22

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Butternut Squash Souffle Side Dish

The recipe Butternut Squash Souffle Side Dish is ready in approximately 45 minutes and is definitely a great gluten free

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Food Trivia

Odor is by far the most important contributor to the flavor of food. The contributions of taste, texture, and appearance are insignificant by comparison. Humans can distinguish an estimated 20,000 different odor qualities.

Food Joke

Don't type "Chuck Norris" on Monster Milktruck, your milk will turn into beer.

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