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Food Trivia

Honeybee workers must visit 2 million flowers to make one pound of honey.

Food Joke

Top 10 Things Heard Outside The New Mel Gibson Movie10. "Hey -- no shoving, Monsignor!"9. "I don`t know why they added subtitles -- everyone speaks Aramaic"8. "I`m hoping my medium Mountain Dew will miraculously be changed into an extra large Mountain Dew"7. "These `Lord of the Ring` films are getting odder and odder"6. "Was this really based on a book?"5. "Twelve dollars for a movie ticket? Now that`s a sin, am I right, people?"4. "The Pope loved it almost as much as "Barber Shop 2`"3. "Uh...I don`t feel like dinner right now."2. "That was awesome when Trump fired Pontius Pilate"1. "Don`t tell me the ending"

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